You might find these works bearing my name:  a novel, poetry, short stories, essays, plays, picture books.  Somewhere on my hard drive is a novel (or two),  manuscripts belonging to other writers
 that I’PuertoGalera self nov 2013ve edited, many You might find these works bearing my      name:  a novel, poetry, short stories, essays, plays, picture books.  Somewhere on my hard drive is a novel (or two),  manuscripts  belonging to other writers beginnings, few endings             
 When I’m not staring at my computer, I’m in Illinois doing author  visits and participating in literary events, volunteering at nonprofit  organizations, watching movies, doing yoga, trying to get my  daughter and son to do more things with me, coaxing my dog to  come out of the wooded area in the park.  My daughter, son, and  dog are very independent-minded.


 When I’m not in Illinois, I’m at some other place doing more of the  same, except for the part about the dog, for whom happiness is  running in the park and resting on the couch.


I would like such a life.
But right now, I’m working on projects that preserve the heritage collections and natural resources of the Philippines. And I try and contribute to the literary landscape however I can, by writing, or helping other writers.



I live in Palatine, Illinois most of the year. Other times I spend in my childhood home in St. Ignatius Village, Quezon City.

Me snow

  Aqua building in Chicago                                             Winter in Palatine

I love Chicago. I was born in Quezon City, Philippines, and spent parts of my childhood in the  Philippines and Germany. I have also lived in East Lansing, Michigan (Go, Spartans!) and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I am married, with two children and a dog, previously described.   I have a brother in Canada, a brother and sister in the Philippines. I talk to my parents, who are in their eighties, whenever the OOMA phone service works.


I love to snorkel. If I had a million dollars,  I would spend it on saving and preserving the forests and oceans of the Philippines.  Actually, I would need much more than a million dollars.



View from my parents’ beach house in Puerto Galera, a town in the province  of Mindoro, one of my favorite places on the  planet.  Puerto Galera was designated a  Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.


El Nido me




El Nido, Palawan. The entire province of Palawan is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  I will live there someday.